Due to the COVID19 outbreak we have lost our main UK print shops, but we are now moving to one based in the USA/Europe.

Some designs have not been migrated to our new printshop yet but will be shortly.

Hello and welcome to Toucan Jester Art.

I’m Rich Clothier, a professional artist with over 20 years experience.

I’ve had commissions from Kristin Scott Thomas,  Mike Prysner, The League Against Cruel Sports, Virgin, Seals Scotland and the general public to name a few.

As well as commissions I also create my own cartoon illustrations and graphic designs, which are available via my shops. I hope you like them!

New items appearing weekly in my shops to suit most tastes, from SCUBA t shirts, kid’s surf t shirts and much more. I’ve only just started my shop but more stuff will land there ASAP…..so hold tight!

All t shirts etc have been designed by myself, so I only have myself to blame if nobody buys anything.

If there any designs rattling around your head that you’d like to see on a t shirt, just e-mail me.

If your design idea ticks my boxes you could be in the envious position of receiving a free t-shirt, with said design!

All the images within this website and related media are copyright of Toucan Jester Art.
No image may be used for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the copyright holder