Hello Toucan Jester fans…if contact via telepathy is not getting you  anywhere fast,  I may be either asleep or distracted by shiny things.

Failing that I can be sourced via normal channels:

  • Mobile: (07595) 470915   between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday (times in GMT)

  • Studio: unfortunately due to spam calls I can’t disclose my number here.By all means send me an e-mail & I’ll call you back.

  • or send a message via ‘comment box’ in ‘What’s it all about Ricardo?’

If you’re calling from abroad please please add +44 (United Kingdom) and remove first zero/0

or e-mail me directly on;

  • E-mail :

  • Facebook:

*****Word of warning to canvassers or folks posting spam…I am adept at swearing in foreign languages*****