What can I do for you?

Good question, well if you want either a cartoon illustration, graphic design, wedding topper, painting or photograph, I  can offer you a high quality and friendly service.

‘But I live miles away!’ you holler. Ahhh, be rest assured, I’ve dealt with clients worldwide very succesfully so oceans can’t seperate us working together. I even deal with my clients based in the UK via e-mail or phone, as it’s easier all round.

Gallery images

Images featured here are available for purchase via http://www.photoboxgallery.com/toucan-jester .  The ‘copyright ‘ will be removed. Jump to my contact page and give me a holler for any enquiries.


I can, as you can see, offer unique original illustrations and photography that only you will own. No two commissioned images are the same. Each one is original and has been created from scratch, to a specific brief.




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