Cartoon Illustrations


As you will soon see, my cartoon illustrations can be, and have been used for a wide variety of situations, from fun caricatures to political statements.

I’m an artist, I draw freehand… ok sometimes I may use a jam jar lid to do a perfect circle, but that’s as techie as I get. Drawing a cartoon isn’t like dusting crops boy (I think this maybe a Star Wars reference).

I don’t use software trickery to do the hard work for me, but I do however use Photoshop to clean up, crop, shade and colour. I may go crazy and use a graphic tablet sometimes, but again this is for free hand sketching to make tiny alterations.

I even study body language from my many Desmond Morris books to get the facial expressions right and limb gestures spot on. Remember some gestures in one country can mean something completely different in another. It’s not just doodling!

So back to what I was banging my gums about originally… I pencil sketch the image first, use a rubber (got to careful these days), then ink the lines, scan the image and throw it into Photoshop. This is where I can tweak the image by erasing old pencil lines, blemishes and cropping to a workable size. Depending on the client’s needs, I will again use Photoshop to either shade or use greyscale. Sometimes I will colour using Photoshop, but I more frequently use paint or coloured pencils.




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