I have been into photography for many years, from the early days of Polaroid. I remember my Dad’s Instamatic with its fascinating (to a young lad) Flashcube, and before that, my grandfather’s folding camera with its concertina lens body and funky slide out carousel like flash, which could be mistaken for a miniature Soviet spy satellite. My photographic journey then continued, from an early 90′s clunky Sigma SLR to the Canon IXUS compact and onto my new Canon DSLR.

My current favourite is my Canon DSLR. Sadly his little brother Canon IXUS luxuriated in a puddle of spilt Guinness for too long and never recovered, a feeling I am familiar with, having been  to Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day.


It still amazes me, this SD technology. Along with MP3 players, the SD card is another genius invention. Not only can you take vast amounts of pictures and videos, you can edit and crop in situ without wasting film, and therefore money. Another huge bonus for me is the reduction in pollution, as I dread to think of the amount of wasted rolls of duff film that there are in landfill.


To me photography isn’t just duplicating the subject at hand, but about capturing a piece of time that will never be captured again. No one smile or twinkle of the eye can be repeated, no surf or ripple will crash or ebb the same pattern, no cloud or rain drop will form or fall in quite that exact way again, no ladybird or shark will ever crawl or glide the same path and no sunset or sunrise will be ever be replicated.


Nothing is static, even a rock is never quite still, being full of colliding atoms. Granted this may not be noticeable to the human eye, but nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that everything is fluid, evolving and changing with time. Just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, everything is in a state of flux.


 I enjoy most types of photography, from social events & special occasions, wildlife (which sometimes can include some parties I’ve been involved in), macro, portrait, scenic, fauna, flora and underwater photography. I really don’t have a favourite genre; a macro shot of an ant can look as beautiful as a Cornish beach sunset. There is beauty in everything… though there may be certain exceptions to that thought when it comes to some politicians and shallow ‘celebrities’.

As for portrait photography, I’m a fan of photographs where the human subject is caught naturally. With most posed subjects, you’re only capturing the personality that the subject wants to, or thinks they should portray, which isn’t necessarily the ‘real’ person.






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