What’s it all about Ricardo?

Well my friends, in a nutshell Toucan Jester is the mothership to my other creative ventures;

  • Toucan Jester Cartoons

  • Toucan Jester Photography

  • Toucan Jester Voicecream

Each of these Toucan Jester beauties can provide you with a variety of services…and I dare say my creative juices will expand and another Toucan egg shall hatch one day(this sounds slightly wrong).

But for the now, let me explain briefly what each little Toucan can do for you, apart from being your little chirpy feathered friend.

  • Toucan Jester Cartoons

Here I can create a bespoke cartoon illustration for a friend’s birthday surprise, leaving present, greeting card, business card, livery, website, children’s books, books for grown ups, magazine article, business advert, business calenders…whatever you may need. Cartoon illustrations can perk up your world in every sense. Ok funerals maybe an exception, but sometimes the world can seem a little gloomy and a light hearted cartoon can banish the blues.For more serious matters, graphic design available if you need a new logo for your business.

For all commissions, free quotes are available.

  • Toucan Jester Photography

Not just a dab hand at the art of cartooning, I also specialise in photography and these pictures are of course available for purchase.  If you need something specific , the services I offer are macro, product photography, general photography, photo manipulation, enhancement and restoration.  I love taking pictures of seascapes, architecture and wildlife, especially macro.

Free quotes available for everything.

  • Toucan Jester Voicecream

This little fella hasn’t fully fledged as yet, but when it does it will offering a choice of vocal impressions to pimp your phone with. So if you’re tired of the same old same old ringtone, voice greeting or text alert, I can help…or should I say my alternative personalities can help. You could want to ‘hide’ from pesky annoying people…why not use a Toucan Jester Voicecream to totally befuddle them.

The voices soon to be available include Yoda, Sean Connery, Obi Wan Kenobi, Watto… you may of noticed a strong bias towards Star Wars. Many accents & generic voice types will be Cornish, Scottish, Posh, Elderly, Vampire, Russian, Australian, American and Spanish/Hispanic.

And if theres a voice that you want, but you can’t see the ideal one here, I can always work on one especially.


Whatever your creative need, Toucan Jester can help you.

Free quotes are always available, so don’t hesitate to call…I’m professional, chilled and friendly and more than happy to help in anyway.

If there’s something you need but you can’t see it listed, please ask away.

Set your imagination free!!


All the images within this website and related media are copyright of Toucan Jester.
No image may be used for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the copyright holder…even my ugly mug is protected via copyright, but who in their right mind would want it anyway..oh pray tell


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