Below are a selection of photo collages I did for friends’ birthdays, for which I have sometimes utilised pictures from other sources. I do respect other artist’s copyright and I would never take credit for their work, hence would not charge for these montages. Sadly others do.

However, for each individual image I have painstakingly restored, cropped, enhanced and carefully placed each part to form a funky collage. Each one has taken 20+ hours.

Commissioned photo collages that use only the owner’s personal photographs are of course a different matter, and naturally I can charge for such work without feeling guilty. Would YOU like a photo collage with you and your friends? contact me for more details and a free quote.




As you can probably make out, the collage below compromises of approximately 20 individual images taken from original pictures, some of which were up to 60 years old. 

Each image has had the backgrounds removed and restored, which involves re-adding missing elements and removing white noise, The image quality is then enhanced before they can all be carefully organised and blended together.

This image alone took 22 hours to complete. The image was then printed on canvas and is now residing, in splendour, in the client’s home.

Do you like what you seen so far? would YOU like a similar photo collage done for you with your loved ones featured.

A collage makes the perfect personalised gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, retirement, Valentines or whatever your heart desires.

If YOU would like the perfect gift, then by all means contact me. I can either send you a digital file via e-mail, disc or I can arrange a canvas print with delivery at extra cost.

Please contact me for a free quote.




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No image may be used for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the copyright holder..otherwise I’ll send in the sandpeople, who initially will be startled, but will soon be back in greater numbers.