Hello….exciting news, my website will be getting spruced up very soon, so if it goes all funky in the interim, , that’ll be why.

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Hello and welcome to Toucan Jester Art.

I’m Rich C, a professional artist with over 20 years experience (where did those years go?)

I hail from Warwickshire in the UK. Slap bang in the middle of England, nestled amongst the amazing English countryside. Being raised on the small island, known for a nice cuppa tea, fine ales, castles, ghosts, roast dinners, fish n’ chips and unique eccentricity,  it was inevitable I would do something off the wall and creative.

Warwick Castle

The idea for Toucan Jester Art was first seeded over 20 year ago and it’s a play on words; token gesture. Hopefully the irony is obvious.

Over the years I’ve had commissions from Kristin Scott Thomas,  Mike Prysner, The League Against Cruel Sports, Virgin, Seals Scotland and the general public to name a few.

Primarily I now apply my creativity skills to providing high quality and one of a kind designs that will feature on apparel, like t-shirts, hoodies etc.  A bounty of ideas will begin to furnish my shop, so keep an eye out for updates via my Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Given my love of all things wildlife such as sharks, cetaceans, SCUBA diving and the paranormal, you will see a kaleidoscope of ideas coming to fruition that will suit many tastes. So look no further for your next  SCUBA t-shirts, kid’s surf t shirts and much more.

Whale shark in polka blue

All t-shirts etc have been designed by myself, so I only have myself to blame if nobody buys anything. At no point, unless I mention it, do I use other artists or photographers for my designs. 

If there any designs rattling around your head that you’d like to see on a t shirt, just e-mail me. If your design idea ticks my boxes you could be in the envious position of receiving a free t-shirt, with said design! 

All the images within this website and related media are copyright of Toucan Jester Art.
No image may be used for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the copyright holder