Conservation, Ecology and Politics

Cartoon illustrations can be powerful tools to express opinion, whether to highlight an issue or injustice, raise awareness or to mock. I have helped rally support for both conservation and political issues by creating caricatures that lends a strong visual image to the cause in question.

Cartoon for Tank Bangers campaign Autumn 2011

The message here is that all groups working in marine conservation, whether it’s for dolphins, sharks or turtles etc, should join together as a cohesive unit…and I heartily agree.

Feedback from Terry Nichols of Tank Bangers

“We were absolutely delighted with the service we received from Rich @ Toucan Jester Cartoons. Everything from our initial contact to the seamless and timely manner our final design was released, nothing was too much trouble – no matter how bizarre our requests! If you need a cartoon or a drawing – I can wholeheartedly recommend Toucan Jester Cartoons, they’re brilliant!”

Commissioned by Mike Prysner. Gulf war veteran and pro-peace activist. February 2012

Interested in what Mike’s doing, then follow & support Mike here  

This cartoon is of ex-4 star US Army General McChrystal and it is for Mike’s latest campaign.

Feedback from Mike Prysner.        

‘Hey this is great!! Much better than I can do, haha. Thank you so much! I’ll pass it along right away… my email is if you can send a better version (high resolution). This is so good man. I can’t stop looking at it, haha. I can’t thank you enough. Everyone was very very impressed with the image, we’d love to work with you again on stuff!’

League Against Cruel Sports ‘Bloody Business’ campaign against Madonna and Guy Ritchie 2005

League Against Cruel Sports

I was expecting to hear from Madonna’s legal team for this one, but nothing, ha!!

She even refused to add me to her MySpace friend’s list (I did it to see if I made an impression).

She didn’t want to be my friend…whaaaAAA!!

Feedback from Lucy Westmore

‘Whilst with the League Against Cruel Sports, I worked on a campaign highlighting the horrendous practice of game bird shooting. It came to our attention that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were involved in the scene and Rich approached us and kindly offered to donate a cartoon of the pair. The end result was absolutely brilliant and we used it on our website and in a DVD that was distributed to MPs, supporters and the media. Using the medium of cartoon we were able to get across a very serious message in an unusual way while making a strong statement. Thanks very much Rich!’

Shark friend Alisa and her t-shirt…an original Toucan Jester Art design. First t-shirt sold in the USA!!

Alisa is a Scuba Diver , Shark Conservationist, 333 Productions Publicist, Ocean Defender & Shark Angel.

Huge thanks to Alisa for purchasing the t-shirt!!

Another shark conservationist friend of mine, Katherine Reed from Seattle, USA.

Please check her conservation youtube channel at

Thanks for buying my t-shirt Katherine…looks brilliant on you 🙂

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