Whale shark polka design

‘Whale shark on polka blues’

Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated, some say obsessed with sharks. I’ve been drawing them as long as I could hold a crayon.

Sharks aren’t just an interest to me, I’ve also passionately fought for their protection via petition stands, being involved with prominent marine conservation charities and even running my own campaign, to say sharks are in my blood is an understatement.
Luckily I’ve been gifted with a flair for art, so I like to utilise this to spread awareness.
This design carries a subtle message that gives you the chance to say ‘hey, these sharks need protecting” or ” I support marine conservation”.

The conservative estimate for sharks being slaughtered each year is 73 million, but the likelihood  is that it could be 100 million every year. There’s never been a more pressing time to save this amazing species. Just think, that’s 11,500 every hour or 190 every minute!

The whale shark (Rhincoden typus) is the biggest fish in the ocean, this majestic and harmless shark grows up to 15 metres.
Sadly it is now classed as endangered by the IUCN.

Each polka dot on this design has been chosen from a range of oceanic tones which have been painstakingly added, so you’ll be wearing or will be in possession of a design that is totally unique and one of a kind.

A t-shirt ideal for anyone who loves sharks, marine conservation, SCUBA divers, marine biologists, eco-warriors or anyone who wants to preserve this magnificent shark. I may add a hoodie etc if you’d prefer. 

Thank you

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